donderdag 10 januari 2008

OpenEmbedded and the Emtec Moviecube

I'm currently trying to get my first third-party application up-and-running on the Emtec Moviecube. On a Linux box, I have installed OpenEmbedded using this guide.

Net, I am using the OpenWRT configuration profile that OE comes with, since the Linksys WRT54G also sports a MIPS processor and has comparable characteristics.

More on the outcome of my tests and a full how-to will follow if I get something working :-)

maandag 7 januari 2008

Got root ?

To get access to the moviecube, simply telnet to it's IP:

telnet <>
Next, enter "root" as username and ... BLAM you're in :-) Some security for all your precious files eh :-p

Happy hacking!

zondag 6 januari 2008

First post

This blog should become the place where I add all my experiences in getting the most out of my newly purchased Emtec MovieCube-R 500GB. I have been scourging the internet for quite a bit now and it seems nobody has picked up on trying to improve/hack this little piece of technology.

Hopefully some owners find this page and contribute so we can get the most out of the little noisy box ;-)